Saturday, June 2, 2012

San Diego 100 Pre Race

Well, in a weeks time I'll be on the trails near San Diego for a huge adventure!  The San Diego 100 is the culmination of six months of training, one trail marathon, and four 50k trail races.  Let's face it, for someone who doesn't run these things all the time (this is only my second crack at the distance, and the last time was a year ago), there is an enormous sense of unknown.  In a marathon, 50k, or even 50 mile race, the nervousness for me centers around living up to my expectations.  Although I have goals for this race, the truth is that I have no idea what will happen!
I'm excited, and a little nervous thinking about this.  My mind is spinning with plans for everything from what to wear, to what type of lights to carry at night, to how to pace myself in the early miles in order to get the maximum out of my body.
I've had my ups and downs in training, from a couple of minor sicknesses (one happening right now), to lack of trails in Italy during a five week detachment.  Overall I think I'm in a pretty solid place, I just came off a strong second place finish at the Sun Mountain 50k, and a week later was running training runs at near PR pace.  No big back-to-back training runs like so many people do, and no 50 mile or 100 kilometer races under my belt.  I've averaged 60 miles per week this entire last year, and this cycle topped out at just under 80.  More than some, but less than the 'elites' seem to do.  Will that hold me back?  Too late to say!  Last year I ran a tough series of races, including a 50 miler, in the weeks leading up to the Mohican 100.  Although I came in third overall, my legs were shot, and my right knee was hurting so badly I could barely bend my leg.  Perhaps my focus on good recovery and solid race nutrition will have me running strong all the way!
The plan is to run smoothly and conservatively at first, then see what's left at the end.  If I can get through 50 miles in less than nine hours feeling 'good', then cover the last 50 in around 11 hours, I'll have a finish that will be close to the front.  No racing the rabbits at first, but no walking either, just confidence in my ability to run steady all day, and then FOCUS on execution every mile of the way.

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