Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peacock 100k Ultramarathon plans

Well, here we are again!  As I write this its been over seven weeks since Cascade Crest 100, and with less just two days to go until Peacock 100k, I'd have to say the hay is in the barn!

What hay?  I sure don't feel like I've been training like a professional (good thing I'm not)!  Hopefully taking it kinda easy was actually the smartest move I could make.  With HURT 100 coming up in January I just didn't have it in me to train seriously for that long, so that'll start after Peacock recovery!  My general plan after Cascade Crest 100 was to try not to lose too much fitness, get a couple of fast runs in, a few runs in the three hour range, and one in the five hour range.  I accomplished all those goals, and I also got to run in some pretty special places (more on that in a bit), but I've been hampered by this issue with my right leg.  First I feel a tight and achy feeling in my hip/glute, quickly my quad gets involved, and then the knee starts to hurt.  Once it starts it can bring me to a standstill.  Going uphill irritates it, but going downhill really pisses it off.  My knee seizes up, and in seconds I can't bend my leg... on some runs.  The day after a bad 'episode' I'll have a pain free run.  Speed doesn't seem to bother it.  This has kinda slowed my momentum, and is killing my motivation to really get after it.  All I can do is hope that this doesn't bother me on race day!  Enough about this... now I've put it out there, I'm going to try to forget it!

The training:  Well, like I said, it's been pretty hodge-podge.  But... I've visited and run in FOUR countries other than the US (plus Guam) in the last six weeks.  The highlights were running in the world class botanical gardens in Singapore, and everything about Sydney Australia.  Check out my pics!

Near the top of Olomana, Kailua HI... a classic 1500' climb in a smidge over a mile!  This is my home... still can't believe it!

Part of the Coastal Trail, New South Wales, Australia.  This was an awesome 26++ mile run, even though I ran out of water for the last two hours!

More views from the Coastal Trail.  Pretty tough to run fast when always stopping to take in the views!
Botanical gardens, Sydney, AUS
Sydney Harbor
Botanical gardens, Singapore!
So what are the plans for Peacock?  NOTHING!!  I understand there may be some really fast elite level women coming to town.  I hope they kill this race!  I'm going out there hoping to pace myself properly, eat and drink well, and have something left at the end.  I'm not going to pin my hopes on a win or anything else.   I feel like my training may have left my endurance lacking a bit, but I hope to make up for that by taking in lots of calories and keeping my brain happy.  It's going to be furnace hot up there.  Exposed trails and no trade winds will cause carnage I'm guessing.  I'm going to take it easy in the heat, and really dial the effort back. 
Well, that's about it!  I'll check back in after the race and let everyone know how it went!

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